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Branding with a Plan

*Soul Branding™ - align your multifaceted talents into one business that is tailored to you.

*Aligned Business & Marketing Plan - Use high vibrational techniques with organized strategy in order to move your business in a clear direction with ease

*Become an Influencer - learn how to quickly build like, know and trust around your brand.


Confidence Coaching

* Speak more easily on camera and in front of an audience

*Learn interpersonal relationship strategies that promote healthy boundaries and lasting relationships personally and professionally.

*Express your message with more clarity, ease and excitement in order to attract your perfect clients.

Build Community

*learn how to leverage your influence and get more buyers instead of lookers through community

*learn how to increase engagement and build a team working for your brand.

*learn how to build a thriving paid community on Facebook and leverage the power of affiliate marketing. 

" ...I'm a B-School alum and I've paid for a ton (seriously) of online marketing programs and groups over the past five years, but what Virginia is offering is already helping me navigate social media in a way that finally makes sense and feels resonant to me. It's valuable and authentic and something I haven't seen in any of those other programs. "

Christi D.
Personal Power Coach

"Virgina’s coaching program was JUST what I needed! I didn’t know how to fully utilize social media or how to personally brand myself. She gives so much content and in a step by step process that makes it easy to know what to do... I highly recommend her program!!"

Jessi B.

"Wow! ... I have gone through other training and programs that were very helpful yet Virginia's approach has been the one to help me take the necessary ACTION to step into my possibilities... a perfect blend for busy life. Thank you Virginia!!!"

Leah Howard

"She has already helped me so much in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend Virginia if you are wanting to take your business to the next level."

Jennifer P.

"Virginia is an authentic leader that inspires others to live their life from a authentic place - from their soul. It is amazing how much my life is changing daily by connecting to my heart and from the things I have learned from her."

Stephanie W.


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